increase sales and extend your brand through a customizable same-day delivery solution

Question: What do corner store merchants, fast growing ecommerce companies and large omni channel retailers all have in common?

Answer: Customers who want their purchases to arrive when they want and where they want.

When it comes to delivery, Zipments is a retailer’s best friend! We provide retailers with their own branded delivery solution and we provide their customers with the fastest, most flexible local delivery service available.

With retailer branded notifications, we extend the retailer brand from your store to your customer’s front door. Best of all, we can support you in multiple metro markets... and our footprint is growing every day.

Contact us to find out how we can support your business in one or more markets and check out the retailers who rely on Zipments as their local delivery partner.

Looking for a fully integrated solution for your ecommerce platform? Check out our API which connects online storefronts to the most reliable and flexible local delivery service available!