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what is a zipments partner?

zipments partners come in all shapes and sizes, from small local retailers to large international accounting firms. What they all have in common is the desire for a better way to manage their local delivery needs. We love our partners because their feedback has helped us build a delivery solution like no other... delivery the way it was always meant to be!

benefits of becoming a zipments partner


zipments is hands down the easiest way to request local deliveries. With a few simple clicks on our website or mobile app, your requests will be handled promptly and professionally, every time. If you can send an email or update your Facebook page, then you have the skills to request a delivery through zipments!


“The cloud” used to describe the fact that you had no idea where your package was at any point in time. Now, “the cloud” is where you go to track your delivery in real-time. Login from your computer or iPhone to view the status of your delivery as it happens. Delivery with absolute certainty...as it should be!


zipments is committed to elevating the quality standards of local delivery service. It’s very rewarding to see the smile on someone’s face when they receive their delivery. We seek out couriers who strive to put a smile on as many faces each day as possible. You will find zipments couriers to be incredibly focused yet fun, professional yet personable, fast yet friendly.


In less time than it takes to dial up a local courier company, your delivery request will be sent to one of hundreds of professional couriers. zipments is faster because we eliminate the unnecessary steps of going through a dispatcher or customer service rep. It’s you and your courier... with us alongside you if you need any assistance. Smarter service = faster deliveries!

our partners

zipments provides the most comprehensive delivery solution for a variety of business and consumer needs.

Retail Partners


There are typically three friction points for consumers who shop online - search, payment and delivery. In fact, according to Comscore, over 50% of online shoppers abandon their purchases at checkout because of the delivery options presented to them - either too slow or too expensive. When your online competitors are just a click away, your business needs a partner who can help convert more online sales. zipments enables retailers to capture more online sales with...

  • Lower delivery costs
  • Faster service (delivery within hours)
  • Easy integration and no setup costs
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Professional Services Partners

Professional Services

Whether it’s a legal document, a fashion sample or a prototype of the next great gadget, prompt delivery of your items are important to your firm and to your clients. There are no “do-overs” in business, so zipments makes sure to get your items delivered ontime, everytime. zipments makes requesting deliveries a snap...and even better, you can monitor the delivery of your items in real-time. zipments also helps you manage your delivery spend. Pricing for each delivery is shown prior to each request and online reports and invoices highlight where spending is occurring within your firm.

  • Professional, prompt deliveries
  • Real-time tracking of each delivery
  • Transparent pricing and real-time reports
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Restaurant Partners

Restaurants / Food Delivery

A great meal can be ruined by a bad delivery. Food quality and speed of delivery are the top two issues referenced in online reviews, and faster service means better tasting food. zipments helps increase positive online reviews and helps lower customer service issues. We do this by enabling restaurants to manage their deliveries more efficiently and by providing customers with transparency over the status of their order. Online orders can be seamlessly integrated into zipments for faster dispatching of deliveries...and customers have access to the status of their order from the time it leaves the restaurant until the time it arrives at their doorstep.

  • Lower costs for managing food deliveries
  • Tag "preferred couriers" to support your future delivery needs
  • Increased positive reviews and lower customer service costs
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Personal Delivery Partners

Personal Delivery

These days, we all have greater pressure to be in two places at once. Between the demands of personal and professional obligations, it’s almost impossible to get everything done each day. zipments is here to lighten the load by providing a simple, yet effective solution for people trying to manage their hectic lives. Your time is money and driving across town to pick up clothes at the cleaners, drop of items at your child’s school…or any number of time consuming tasks should be left to professional, reliable couriers who are able to help cut down your workload everyday.

  • Easy requests can be made through www.zipments.com or the zipments mobile app.
  • Tag “preferred couriers” to support your future delivery needs.
  • Regain your time and sanity by outsourcing your deliveries to the experts.
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